Uva Shipman aka Uva Kimmey aka Uva Minners aka Bobbie Kimmey


Stunt Pilot!

Wing Walker!

This article appeared in the Asheville Citizen-Times in July of 1930.  An image of a woman pilot standing on  the wing of a plane in a skull and crossbones sweater…anachronism anyone?

Did Uva succeed at her solo trip across the Atlantic?  I’m not sure, but she definitely kept busy.  In 1936, under the moniker “Uva Kimmey,” the New York Post covers her story: wholesome Western Union employee by weekday, daring stunt pilot by weekend!

New York Post: 2/24/1936
New York Post: 2/24/1936

I don’t know if she made that solo voyage.  Regardless, her daredevil resume was impressive.  The only other article I found about Uva “Kimmey” Shipman Minners in the Asheville Citizen-TImes was her obituary.  She lived to the ripe old age of 88.  She was living in Hendersonville and was the widow of a Navy captain.  She had one daughter.  The obituary not only mentions her stunt pilot career, she was a former dancer, race car driver, and inventor!   Not too shabby, Uva “Kimmey” Shipman Minners.  Not too shabby at all.

Posted by Lyme Kedic

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