Great Blue Heron Visiting Montford

Joe Newman lives on Soco Street in Asheville’s historic Montford neighborhood.  He is the editor of the Montford Newsletter. He sent us these photographs and note:
“This beautiful crane is off his migratory course.  He’s been in Montford for a couple of days now.  I first spotted him on Ross and Trudy Terry’s roof yesterday, but it was at beer time, and the one person I told was skeptical.
Now there’s photographic evidence.  Today the crane spent several hours perched on W.C. Justice and James Liner’s chimney, then flew down to their garden shed,
and then perched again on Bill Jacob and Susan Posey’s chimney.  Both Ross and W.C. have backyard fish ponds.
At least one of these pics will be in the October Montford Newsletter.   After all, a crane sighting in Montford is a lot rarer than a bear sighting.”  Joe’s neighbor Ross identified it as a Great Blue Heron.  Joe gave us an update today that, “He weathered the rain and wind last night and is hanging around again today, trying to fish in two small backyard ponds.”
Joe Newman
Post by Zoe Rhine, Librarian

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