Art of Library Staff Decorates Dollhouse

If you’ve visited Pack Library Children’s Room, you’ve probably seen the dollhouse that began “living” there around 1985. Parents who enjoyed the house as children now share it with their own little ones. House and furnishings were built by library staff member Betsy Murray for her own children. Over the years boys and girls of all ages have enjoyed the small world of the dollhouse. Occasionally items disappear from the house, but just as often, small items appear from child donors leaving anonymous gifts. Have you seen the chicken living in a basket under the kitchen sink?


The doll house also serves as an art gallery, featuring the work of several talented library staff members. In the stairway hang tiny digital copies of two embroidery quilts created by Laura Gaskin, head of Central Adult Services at Pack Library. Laura “paints with stitches.” She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, and you can see full-sized versions of her work at the Folk Art Center.


In the nursery is a framed illustration from the book “The Moonflower” written by Children’s Room assistant Jean Loewer and her husband Peter. You can find their beautiful book in the Children’s Room or get your own copy at any book store.

Over the kitchen stove is a calendar custom made for the dollhouse by Margaret Dahm, one of the friendly faces at the Pack Library Circulation Desk. Margaret used a tiny version of her detailed line drawing of an Asheville landmark, Grace Memorial Episcopal Church on Merrimon Ave.

Posted by Betsy Murray


  1. I really enjoyed reading about the dollhouse that was created by Ms Betsy Murray and the art that was created by other staff members….it nice that the library houses such beautiful work created by its own staff

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