The Great Depression was in full swing in 1934.  Looking back at people’s wildly varying reactions to such adversity elicits a mixed bag of emotions. Great sadness for the suffering.  Amazement at the triumph of human spirit.  Bafflement at seemingly futile (but perhaps poetic) gestures of hope.

Take, for example, this poor family passing through Pack Square on a journey from Florida to Canada…in a “PUSHMOBILE!”

asheville citizen-times 4/15/1934

A veteran of the Canadian Army, J. A. Foster is hoofing it on foot to talk to “get his bonus straightened out.”

There must be a long story behind that brief explanation.

Their intriguing mode of transportation drew some interest at Pack Square.


As if the hard economic times weren’t enough, the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 took the lives of 5 daughters, two sisters, and his mother.  I wonder if they ever made it…

photo and article from Asheville Citizen-Times: April 15, 1934

post by Lyme Kedic


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