Cabin Kids

Do any of you remember The Cabin Kids?  These Asheville singing talents found Hollywood fame.  They traveled the country performing in various venues. Their talents were featured in many films and televisions shows such as “The Little Rascals.”

Looks like they started out as “The Jolly Six Sextette” before they made it to the big time.

This was in the April 13, 1934 Asheville Citizen

Jolly Six

Jolly Six cont.

In the mid to late 1940’s, after the Cabin Kids stopped performing, the girls from the group found success as “The Hall Sisters.”  They performed at many impressive venues including the Apollo Theatre.

Afro-American. Baltimore, MD. 11/1/1947
Hear the Kids on YouTube
Hear the Kids on YouTube

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  1. My brother Ruben and I have searched for info on our mother, Ruth Chavis, aka Ruth Gamble for yeears and have lots of trouble finding it. She sang with the Cabin Kids and after WW II as the Hall Sisters.

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