Additional portrait of Exum Clement obtained since last week’s post
Portrait of Exum Clement obtained since last week’s post

The photographs of Exum Clement Stafford that we used in our online exhibit (see Last Week’s Post) came from several sources, and in some cases we did not have access to originals. We were scanning copies, and although the reproductions are remarkably good, we did not have access to any information that might have been written on the backs of the originals. (Everyone, PLEASE write names, places and dates on the backs of your photographs!)

Lacking such information can lead to erroneous conclusions and mistaken identities. Fortunately an observant visitor last week to the NC Room noticed such a mistake in our Exum Clement exhibit, and we were able to correct the error. We are grateful to Myra Grant for calling our attention to the fact that the woman we had identified as Exum in the photograph labeled “Graduation” bore an unmistakable resemblance to Exum’s sister Elizabeth.

Two portraits of Elizabeth Clement, sister of Exum Clement

If you haven’t yet visited the Online Exhibit, we think you would enjoy it.  Click Here! Our Exum Clement  experience also illustrates the fact that research is ongoing and is always subject to revisions and corrections and additions! During the past week, while processing the Biltmore Museum Collection (MS210), we found several additional photographs of Exum Clement that we wish could have been included in our exhibit.  Thanks to our blog, we can share some additional photographs.

MS210 Exum Car2tif
Exum Clement at the Wheel
Clement Sisters
Clement Sisters

We aren’t sure who-is-who in this photograph of two of the Clement sisters, but we love it and think it illustrates beautifully the fun-loving, affectionate relationship that existed between the young women of the Clement family.

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