Pack Memorial Library Reference Staff 1990
Library Reference Staff 1990: Spring Chicken Laura Gaskin in back row 3rd from left. Lewis Buck front row on left. Top Row L to R: Philip Banks, Jan Jenkins, Laura Gaskin, Anna Yount (then head of Reference). Middle Row L to R: Miranda McLoughlin, Buffy White, Carol Flemming, Rosalie Carter. Front Row, Lewis Buck and Chuck Cady.

Our fearless leader, Laura Gaskin, is retiring from Pack Memorial Library after 24 years of dedicated service.  Laura has been the Head Librarian here for most of that time, but she cut her teeth as the first Special Collections Librarian at Pack.

It’s staggering to think about the work and dedication it must have taken to process, organize, and catalog the North Carolina Special Collections.  The collection as it stood was an impressive one full of books, maps, clipping files, newspapers, manuscripts, etc. Laura and her trusted co-worker, Lewis Buck, believed that the collection deserved more recognition. With a lot of hard work and dedication, and a fair dose of gumption, they took a behemoth amount of material and turned it into one of the finest Special Collections in the state.

Thank you, Laura, for being a great librarian. We will miss you!

She’s funny too! Laura has co-workers tickled.

Eighteen current and past staff celebrated Laura’s retirement Friday, September 26, 2014 at Zambra’s Tapas Bar. Above, L to R Laura’s husband Bill Flynt, Laura Gaskin, Margaret Dahm and Eva Carter in view.

Zoe Rhine, Jennifer Stuart, Betsy Murray, Ann Wright and Cathie Osada.
Phlip Banks, Cathie Osada, Sherry Roane, Michael Clark and Bill Flynt.

Posted by Lyme Kedic with dates and library lore help from another great Special Collections Librarian, Ann Wright

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  1. Loved this bit of Library history. Would have been nice to have names
    put to faces in the photos. Laura, thanks for your wonderful work and
    enjoy your retirement!

    — Bob

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