Christmas Cards from Asheville’s Past

Currently on view in the entrance case at Pack Memorial Library you will discover a variety of vintage Christmas cards from individuals and businesses in Asheville. On view on the lower level is a recently acquired photo album made by photographer William Barnhill as a Christmas gift to his sister Laura Barnhill who was visiting with him in the fall of 1915. They took a trip with friends on the Mount Mitchell passenger train to Mount Mitchell. Come visit.

Brooks Howell
Brooks-Howell Home, 29 Spears Avenue, Asheville, NC
Our Crib
“Our Crib….St. Joseph’s Hospital, Asheville, NC.”

These three Christmas postcards are the only ones I’ve discovered in my years of collecting postcards. They are now a part of the North Carolina Room Collection. If you have others, please consider donating them to the collection.

st lawrence
St. Lawrence


Post by Terry Taylor, Board Member of the Friends of the North Carolina Room.



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