New Years Creek

Would you believe there is a creek named New Years Creek? It rises in Watauga County on the western limits of the town of Blowing Rock and flows into Caldwell County where it enters Thunderhole Creek. Glen Burney Falls (referred to on the post card as Glen Burnia Falls and spelled Glen Burnie in the North Carolina Gazetteer, but spelled Glen Burney on current websites) is on New Years Creek and has been part of Blowing Rock recreation area since 1906. New Years Creek is a naturally occurring stream whose depth varies according to season and rainfall, from barely covering the creek bed to several feet deep after a storm. A Glen Burney Trail website says, “The trail, long used by Native hunters and later as access to the turn of the century logging camps, now delights visitors and newcomers as well as old timers with an escape from day-to-day life. The 1.5 mile foot trail begins in the Annie Cannon Gardens, and descends some 800 feet and provides breathtaking vistas of two waterfalls, the Glen Burney (45′) and the Glen Mary (55′).

Postcard view of Glen Burnie/Burney Falls, on New Years Creek, near Blowing Rock. Postcard identifies it as “Glen Burnia” falls.

The staff of the North Carolina Room wish you a wonderful New Year, with a bit of history thrown in for good measure.

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