Greetings from Asheville




The Flat Iron Building designed by Albert Wirth

The Friends of the North Carolina Room are pleased to provide the solution to all of your correspondence needs. Yes, you can stop postponing to write  those long overdue thank you notes because you “don’t have a card”.  Drop by the North Carolina Room and purchase a pack of cards featuring five architectural jewels of our fair city.

Margaret Dahm has generously donated five of her original pen and ink drawings to the North Carolina Room. The drawings are of the the Drhumor Building,  St. Lawrence Basilica, the Flat Iron Building, the S&W Cafeteria and the Grove Park Inn (I refuse to refer to it as Omni Grove Park on principle). All five drawings are being framed for permanent display in the North Carolina Room as I write this post.

After moving from New Orleans in 1990, Margaret and her husband operated a small graphic design firm, allpoints, until 2005.  Since then she has been happily employed at Pack Library, spending the odd weekend on printmaking or illustration projects.

Basilica of St. Lawrence
The Basilica of St. Lawrence, designed by Rafael Guastavino, is one of the architectural masterpieces of North Carolina.


Drhumor Building
The Drhumor Building, built in 1895, is known for its limestone frieze above the main entrance.


Drop by the North Carolina Room to purchase a set of five cards for $10 (tax included). Better yet, purchase several sets of cards and keep them on hand to use as a last minute hostess gifts or for house guests from out-of-town. The Buncombe County Friends of the Library financed the drawings to be printed as note cards by Daniels Graphics. All proceeds benefit the North Carolina Room.


Post by Terry Taylor, Friends of the North Carolina Room board member.

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  1. Is it possible to purchase the notecards by mail?

    Yes, thank you. Postage for one pack of 5 cards with envelopes is $.91, for a total of $10.91.

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