Montford Community Scrapbooks: A Glimpse of a Forgotten Multiracial Neighborhood

The North Carolina Room recently received a new donation of Montford materials, including photographs, newspaper clippings and early newsletters.

In the mid 1970’s Montford and Montford Hill residents rallied together to clean up the neighborhood and to work at renovating houses in need of repair. Work was organized through the Montford Community Club and the Montford Hills Community Club.

Notice anything different about this newspaper article?

Montford officers
Circa 1976 Asheville newspaper article announcing new officers for the Montford Hills Club, (L to R) Ralph Weber, Mrs. Oralene Simmons, Rev. L.C. Ray and Mrs. Elrita Nesby.

Or these photographs taken in Montford Park?

Montford group photoMontford group photo 2

Oh, yea, I remember now, that’s why we all chose to live in Montford. What happened?


Montford materials donated were previously passed down from one newsletter editor to the next for use for historical articles. Previous editor Joe Newman placed the collection in the North Carolina Room.

Post by Zoe Rhine, Librarian

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