Julian Price

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As the North Carolina Room looks at what things were happening in Asheville through local business, citizen and government involvement in the 1980s, friends and family have been working to celebrate the life and work of Asheville philanthropist, benefactor and liberal community activist Julian Price.

Julian Price


Julian moved to Asheville in 1989 because of its architecture and a feeling. “The moment I stepped into Asheville, I felt a connection. I can’t really explain it. . . Here I’ve met people and really feel part of it.” ( A C-T 10/13/1991)

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Through Julian Price’s development company, Public Interests Projects, Inc., he funneled money to local businesses and nonprofit organizations. He is well known for his financial assistance to the Grove Arcade Foundation during the building’s 2000-2002 renovation; for his extensive renovation following the fire at the Carolina Apartments, which then provided middle income apartments; as well as the renovation of the former Asheville Hotel building. He also gave a good leg-up to already existing businesses such as Malaprop’s Book Store, The Market Place, and Jewelry Design. His aid to area nonprofits is quite a long list. He also worked towards Asheville being a comfortable place, creating a group that worked with the city and state to modify intersections making them safe for walking. Price stated in a rare interview, “I have a pretty wide interest, but mainly I’m interested in things that concern the environment, scenic beauty, and the area of social and economic justice.”

Julian fix bench600
Julian Price fixing a bench on Battery Park.

Learn more about Julian’s passion for Asheville and how it is a different city because of him.

Here is a one minute promotion clip of the video “Julian Price A Documentary.”

Celebration takes place Thursday, May 26th at the Orange Peel, starting at 7:30. Tickets available at the Orange Peel box office. www.theorangepeel.net

Post by Zoe Rhine, Librarian




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