Buncombe County Television Spreads the Word on “Asheville in the 1980s!”

1980s Wrap camermen and crowd181053
Buncombe County TV crew recording April 27, 2016 program “Save Downtown Asheville and the Wrap.”

The staff of the North Carolina Room are grateful to Kathy Hughes, Max Taintor and BCTV (Buncombe County Television) crew for filming all of the Asheville in the 1980s series. They have also provided the North Carolina Room with copies of each program on YouTube which we have on our HeardTell blog site (see tab on left of that page for “Videos”) as well as archival copies on CDs that will be retained in the North Carolina Special Collections. Copies will also be available soon to check out from the Pack Memorial Library video collection.

Max Taintor also produced a one-minute commercial for the series. Our very first commercial!


Corrections on the video: The title of the August 31 program is “New Housing Old Buildings.” Also the Lord Auditorium has seating for 150 with maximum capacity of 175; there has been full attendance at all of the 1980s programs and had to resort to an overflow space twice using a live stream TV.

1980s max with camera_180333
Max Taintor of BCTV filming a 1980s program.

“Asheville in the 1980s:

A  Formative Decade Told by Those Who Shaped It”

Fifth Program in the Series

New Housing and Old Buildings 

Moderators: Kevan Frazier and Erin Derham

Panelists & Guests include: Becky Anderson, Peter Austin, Barbara Field, Larry Holt, Chris McGrayne, Karen Ramshaw 

Wednesday August 31, 2016 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Pack Memorial Library, Lord Auditorium

All events are free and open to the public.

The expansion of housing in the Central Business District would come to be one of the key elements of Asheville’s Renaissance. The tax credits these pioneers utilized saved many of downtown Asheville’s architectural gems. Meanwhile, other older housing stock was being taken down displacing many long-time residents. Learn about this important physical and cultural transformation of downtown Asheville in the 1980s.

Final program in the series:

Wednesday September 28, 2016: Politics and Civic Engagement.

Moderators: Leslie Anderson and Becky Anderson

Post by Zoe Rhine Librarian North Carolina Room

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