What Asheville Children Asked For From Santa in 1909





Dear Santa Claus. how are you By this time am Just six years old and I am sick now But I think I will be well By Christmas and I want you to Bring Me some oranges candy and fire crackers billy goat and too mules and lots of things good By fir this time. Linard Monneyham, West Asheville


Dear Santa:–I am one of your old friends & I will be eight year old the day after Xmas. I have bin trying to be a real good boy so I want you to bring me a stocking full of good things to eat, a drum, gun, tricickle, football & a good old sled & a good big horn. Willie Israel.


Dear Santa, I’m a nice little girl and can’t write but mama will tell you what I like best. Please bring me a go-cart, with a rag doll to roll in it, some toys candy and oranges. Will be real good. Your little friend, Marion Edwards, 87 Ora St. City.


Dear old santa clase, my name is arthur McLean I am 9 years old Will you please bring me a knife, a nice tie, a drum, a horne, a pop gun, a ball and bate, and a repeating cap pistol, and a pair of gloves, and some tops, and some candy and nuts, and don’t foreget my little sister Lucille  that’s all for this time. Asheville.




Dear Santa Clause I am a little Boy 3 years old will you please Bring me a little wagon a horn a picture Book a Rocky hourse some candy oranges’ Bannas and any thing Else you can Spair so good By  I am your little friend Rame Clark, No. 90 Jefferson drive P.S. please don’t for get my Baby sister she wants a doll Bring her lots of things to play with her name is Flora.


Dear Santa, please bring me a wagon and a rubber ball and what you think is right by by. Hairl Reynolds 55 Robert st.


Dear Santa–I want some fire crackers and a long pole with a hook on the end to catch a chicken and Billy possums and a show I want a broom teaset and a little ship a butter print and a little clock doll carriage and a doll that will sleep, dough roller and a dough pin and a pin and a foxy grandpa doll and frying pan and peanuts cracker jacks . . . and candy stick candy turkey candy hearts oranges bananas and dresses and a little house and a horn and I guess this will be all I want this time. Your friend Carrie Drake. 319 N.M. St. Asheville.




Dear Santa Claus. I want a cap pistol that shoots fifty times. I want a gun, and an Indian Suit, a toy house, a hook and ladder. I want some nuts, candy, oranges, banannas, and raisins. I want a box of fir-crackers. I live on 71 Zillicoa Street. Santa Claus please donot miss our house. From Your Friend: William Edward Moore.


Dear Canta. please bring me a little wagon. and some fir crachers I am a one legged boy. Joe Causby 126 Short Robert.


Dear Santa Claus, Will you please bring me a drum, some water-colors, a scrap book and a pair of little brown kid gloves, size 5. And Santa Claus a little red automobile like Florences and Helena. Have you any “Buster Brown” stockings. I would like some. I’m four and a half years old. Please carry Herbert and James some too. their new ones are wearing out already. I didn’t know you were married Santa Claus, Is she big and fat and jolly too? Edward Copeland, Jr. 50 Chestnut St.




Dear Santa Claus. I am a little boy three and a half years old. I am a good boy and carry in stove wood for mama. Please bring me a horn, a little saw and hammer, a hoe, shovel and rake. nuts fruits and candy. Don’t forget some fire crackers. Harold Mitchell. Asheville


Dear Santiclause, I want you to bring me a express wagon some fire crackers some oranges candy and nuts this is all I will ask for for I want you to have enough for all the other little children I am ten years old Oscar Penland, Asheville R.F.D. No 1.

Published in the Sunday, Asheville Citizen-Times December 12, 1909.

Christmas Rose

Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year from the Staff of the North Carolina Room.

Post by Zoe Rhine, Librarian




  1. I can see these little children from an earlier less greedy time and long before the advent of plastic and cyber toys. I find the little mill – working boy especially precious.

  2. I’m really curious about the historical aspects of children wanting oranges and bananas for Christmas. They also seemed to ask for nuts. Was fruit (or nuts) a commodity back then? Was there a medical reason, such as to fight off scurvy or to just eat healthy? Was it just popular to eat? So many questions…

    1. That’s a good question. Just off the top of mind, which I wanted to mention in the post, is that I recall discovering earlier that bananas were pretty much a new thing during this time. Some mountaineer was quoted as saying, he wasn’t sure what to do with it. I think fresh fruits and nuts were probably just really special treats.

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