The North Asheville History Project (NAHP)

The NAHP is being conducted by the North Carolina Room, Pack Memorial Library through the North Asheville Library branch.

1030 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville, NC 28804 TEL:  828-250-4752

Beaver Lake showing swimming area.

The purpose of this project is to preserve the unique characteristics of living in North Asheville.

This is a pilot program which we hope to extend to other neighborhoods through their library branches. The North Carolina Room is reaching out into the community to engage residents in preserving neighborhood history in a rapidly changing Asheville.

115 Westwood Road in Lakeview Park, circa 1936. Originally the home of Charles L. Kellogg, manager of the engraving department of the Asheville Citizen-Times Co. Original print loaned for scanning by owner Joan Grimes, who said that Kellogg made extensive use of recycled linotype from the newspaper for insulation in the walls of the home.


Photo taken by library staff, Betsy Murray to document 2012 appearance of 115 Westwood home after extensive remodeling over the years by owners Janson and Joan Grimes. We like documenting the old and the new.


There are two ways you can help:

* Tell us your story!   Trained volunteers will be conducting oral history interviews with residents who live or used to live in North Asheville. YES, your story is important! How did you happen to live in North Asheville, what was it like to live, work, grow up here? What changes have you seen? Tell us about your family, your neighborhood, your house, your everyday experiences.  Preserve the stories of your community for future generations and perhaps provide some information on “missing pieces” in the North Carolina Room collection.

* Show us your stuff! Donate or loan items for preservation to the North Carolina Room Special Collections. Materials we are interested in include: old photographs, architectural plans, maps, yearbooks, family histories, church directories, documents pertaining to businesses and organizations, and many other types of ephemera.  Before you throw it away, check with us- it may be just what we’ve been looking for!

MS338.002A photo 21
Beaver Lake with Lake View Park office in foreground, circa 1936.

Come in or call North Asheville Library (828-250-4752) to sign up for an interview or to share your photos and other documents with us. We will make arrangements to come wherever you are or make an appointment for you to meet someone at the library.

Let’s Scan It!

Saturday April 8th, 2017 11 AM to 4 PM North Branch Library

We need you to share your photos, documents and objects relating to the history of North Asheville.

NC Room Staff & Volunteers will be at North Branch Library to scan these items. Reservations not necessary.


The North Carolina Room staff have installed a historical North Asheville exhibit, in the exhibit case in the foyer and in the Community Room of North Branch through April. We’ve taken a look back at Beaverdam, Elk Mountain, Grace, Albemarle Park, Proximity Park, Norwood Park, Grove Park, Sunset Terrace and Lakeview Park. Come and take a look!

The North Carolina Room’s mission is to collect, preserve, and provide access to the history of Buncombe County. We are committed to preserving our historical resources for the future and making them easily accessible to the public.


Post by Zoe Rhine, Librarian and Louise Maret, Volunteer.



  1. I have some photos and old Lake View Park info to contribute. I have a PDF of the original 1924 engineering feasibility study for Beaver Lake. I have the original sales brochure for Lake View Park.

    But I will be away until April 12

  2. I grew up on Stratford Road in the 60s and 70s, and have a fair number of pictures of both my childhood home (151 Stratford Road) as well as other great houses in Lakeview Park. This project sounds wonderful, and I hope to contribute to it with memories and pictures!

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