North Asheville Speaks Roundtable: Thursday May 18, North Branch Library

Thursday, May 18, 2017


North Asheville Branch Library

Refreshments will be served

North Asheville residents are invited to talk with each other about what it was like growing up and living in North Asheville.

Celebrate the history of your community by coming together to share personal stories and remembrances. Or sit and listen to other’s memories.

Aerial view of Merrimon Ave, between Beaver Lake right and Lakeview Park left. Streets in view: Midland Dr, Pine Acre Blvd, Avon Parkway, Euclid Parkway, Kensington Rd, St Charles Pl and St James Pl. Several homes may be identifiable. Lakeshore Dr at far right. Estimated date 1940-46.

From swimming in the Beaver Lake pool–to dining and dancing at Chez Paul–to having breakfast at the Rolling-Pin Bakery–to having a beer at the Brass Tap and listening to local music.

Do you recall Poole’s Merrimon Avenue Trailer park at the current site of Stein Mart, circa 1945-1970?

Do you remember this motor court and its awesome sign?

Beaver Lake Court at 959 Merrimon Avenue is the same building as the current Beaver Lake Office Plaza.

Did you ever sneak into Reynolds Mansion . . . drag race on Country Club Road . . . go sledding on the golf course?

Did your family hire maids or gardeners? Do you remember their names, where they lived and how they got to and from home? We’re trying to document people whose lives shaped North Asheville, even if they didn’t live there. –Your favorite butcher, gas station owner, barber, vegetable stand operator?

Where’d you or your parents go for the latest scoop or goings-on in the neighborhood? Grace Pharmacy, Weson’s Service Station, Citizen’s Hardware or Grace Barber Shop?

Did your family shop at the Colonial Grocery, Winn-Dixie or the A&P? Maybe Giezentanner’s Grocery further up Merrimon?

Would you believe that Ingle’s Grocery Store, though much smaller was built in 1970. And what was life like in North Asheville before 1983 when the Fresh Market opened? Do you recall the Western Steer Steak House, where North Asheville Branch Library is now?

Bring your recollections, questions, and thoughts about what makes North Asheville the unique community that it is.

Post by Zoe Rhine Librarian

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  1. I just found this email page. My family owned Beaver Lake Court from about 1968-1978(9). Doc’s Rock Shop (a disco) was next door. A&P Grocery was across the road, as was Rollin’ Pin Bakery. We built a large pool up behind the motel and sold memberships to the community.

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