“On the Front Porch” –A New Photograph Exhibit at Pack Memorial Library

“On The Front Porch”

Many Oaks, former home of George Willis and Frances Farnam Pack, at 140 Merrimon Avenue, current site of the Harris Teeter Shopping Center.

A porch is a passage into a home. It’s where we comfortably pause before entering as well as when leaving. Porches link the private interior with the outdoors, the public sidewalk and street. Porches are where we rest, are silent, or talk quietly with family or friends. We sometimes gather on porches to play music. They are where we sit and watch kids playing across the street, where we wave at neighbors walking by. Where we watch the gloaming of the day, and the night come.

You are invited to visit our new display “On the Front Porch” on the main level of Pack Memorial Library. Six panels of enlarged photographs documenting Asheville’s front porches, and an exhibit case of original photographs taken by Mary Jo Brezny of ten porches from the Historic Montford Neighborhood, as well as an exhibit case also of original photographs of “A Further Study Of Porches.” An interesting display that makes you think about, possibly, one of the most important part of our homes.

“The only thing missing in the exhibit is a rocking chair.” Terry Taylor







 Post by Zoe Rhine Librarian.

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