Answers to Our Quiz: How Well Do You Know Asheville’s Buildings?

The North Carolina Room is currently exhibiting photographs from the Richard Hansley Photograph Collection. Mr. Hansley is the author of Asheville’s Historic Architecture, 2011. In 2014 Richard donated his entire photograph collection to the North Carolina Room. His love and enthusiasm of architecture shows in every photograph. We decided to use Mr. Hansley’s photos of details of buildings and make a quiz out of it.

William McCleod was the first person to come to the North Carolina Room and correctly identify all 11 buildings. Will even got the bonus photo! He is standing to the left of his stumper–Claxton Elementary School.

HeardTell subscriber Francis Earnhart was the first to comment on HeardTell and she got most of them correct and gets a box of cards of Asheville Historic Buildings for playing.

So, here are the answers along with Richard Hansley’s full views of the buildings featured in the quiz.


Photo #1 is the Buncombe County Courthouse.



Photo # 2 is the Battery Park Hotel.




Photo #3 is the Asheville High School.



Photo #4 is the Drhumor Building.


Photo #5 is Central United Methodist Church.


Photo #6 is the Asheville Fire Station #4, Merrimon Avenue.


Photo #7 is Claxton Elementary School, Merrimon Avenue.


Photo #8 is the Castanea Building, Haywood Street.


Photo #9 is the Asheville-Biltmore Hotel.


Photo #10 is an interior view of the Grove Arcade.



Photo #11 is the Allport Building on Valley Street.

12. Bonus Question 


Photo #12, is the Asheville Savings Bank, Church Street.

And thank you, Richard Hansley for taking such great photographs and for sharing them with the North Carolina Room!


Post by North Carolina Room Librarian Zoe Rhine

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