Glen Inglis Defunct City Ghost Town Buncombe County North Carolina Postcard 1908

Glen Inglis front.jpg

I love an intriguing, if not hyperbolic description of an item on eBay like the one I stumbled on the other day.  I couldn’t resist the allure of a “ghost town” in Buncombe County, let alone one named Glen Inglis. I placed my bid, even without being able to decipher the postmark in the photo. Quickly consulting my handy North Carolina Gazetteer (Second Edition), I found that Glen Inglis was a community (not exactly a ghost town) in central Buncombe County.

When the card arrived a few days later, I was dumbfounded the find that the postmark was from Glen Inglis!

Glen Inglis back.jpg

Armed with that discovery I hurried down to the North Carolina Room to do some research.  I learned from writing a previous post on Tennalina that there were reference books listing the history of  post offices in Buncombe County (and almost anywhere else) to consult. The post office was located between the Azalea and Swannanoa stations and referred to as Long’s Post Office. It had been in operation from  September of 1890 until November 28, 1909.

A search of yielded a couple of intriguing clippings. In 1892 a young Charles Gudger wrote to Uncle Frank’s column in an Asheville newspaper.

Glen Inglis 1892 Letter to Frank.jpg


And then there was exciting news about a local turnip contest!

1899 Glen Inglis.jpg

My knowledge of places in Buncombe County isn’t bad, but I still only had a vague notion of where Glen Inglis community was. When in doubt: ask a librarian!

They informed me that Glen Inglis still shows up on some property deeds and directed me to Map 214 (circa 1926/29). In the upper right-hand corner you can see GLEN INGLIS in green and a notation for the Azalea Station.

CLOSE MAP214-Glen-Crop.jpg

Posted by Terry Taylor, Friends of the North Carolina Collection Board Member






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