Announcing the Fairview Community History Project: It Has Begun!

Announcing the 2018
Fairview Community History Project

View in Fairview from “the road to Chimney Rock.” Aka Charlotte Hwy; US Hwy 74(A); or (Old) Fairview Road, 1916-1917.

Can anyone tell us if that is Cedar Mountain?

Do you remember Fairview 20, 50 or even 70 years ago?
Will you tell us your story?

Will you help us collect Fairview’s History?

The North Carolina Room at Pack Memorial Library is working in conjunction with the Fairview Branch Library to collect and scan photographs and other materials, and to record oral histories told by Fairview residents. We want to document life in Fairview, past and present. Let’s document Fairview for future generations!

How can you help? This is a “community-driven” project. Would you like to volunteer to:

  • Be interviewed?
  • Conduct oral interviews, or partner with someone to operate the recorder?
  • Scan photographs at Fairview Branch?
  • Transcribe the oral interviews?
  • Photograph contemporary Fairview for this project?
  • Would you like be a project coordinator?
  • Or act in other needed capacities, such as placing flyers or picking up materials on loan?

What kind of materials are we looking for?

M. J. “Will” Jones’ mill in Fairview, about 2 mi W of Court Sq. Cubical 3-story brick/block building. Cane Creek runs from center right under the bridge to lower left. Identified as: “Near junction of 74-A and Cane Creek Rd, below the bank directly across from the bottom of Graveyard Rd.” No date given, estimate 1880-1900.

There is nothing more valuable than photographs, such as the one above from the North Carolina Photograph Collection. Unfortunately, the North Carolina collection is weak on outlying Buncombe County communities. People, buildings-homes-mills-stores-churches, cemeteries, roads and creeks, farming, arts and crafts. We are also looking for original material materials such as placards, pamphlets, brochures, calling cards and notices, as well as business, organization and church records.

We also want to document the contemporary life of Fairview. Are you attending an event this summer that is worthy of being documented? Is there an old building being razed or a new one being built? A photograph of your favorite Fairview restaurant, inside as well as outside. Remember: tomorrow, today will be history.

Photographs of the W.L. and Eshter Nesbitt’s farm, Brush Creek, Fairview, by Lois Melton, 1983.


Contact the Fairview Branch Library to sign up. We just need your name, phone number and email address.
Fairview Branch Library
1 Taylor Road

The North Carolina Room’s mission is to collect, preserve, and provide access to the history of Buncombe County. We are committed to preserving our historical resources for the future and making them easily accessible to the public.


Post by Zoe Rhine, Special Collections Librarian




  1. Zoe, my name is Gary Tweed. The Tweed family settled in the Cane Creek Valley in 1818. The Tweed Community on Cane Creek Road has a long history. This would be a good addition to thr Fairview collection. I have a lot of information on the Tweed family, James Hamilton Tweed gave land for the school, church, and post office once located at ths Tweed’s Chapel Cemetery on Cane Creek Road. I can provide help if you would like to discuss. 828 243 5260

    1. Gary,
      Thanks for commenting and want to thank you for being willing to share your family information. For a couple of years I lived in a small house on a 100 acre farm (owned by a family who had worked in a circus for many years) that was near Tweed’s Chapel. I have forwarded your information to Fairview branch library and you will be hearing from them. Many thanks again, Zoe Rhine

  2. I am intrested in helping with interviews, I also have pictures and contacts with a few decedent’s of original Fairview residents

    1. Beth, thanks for commenting and for being willing to share and volunteer. The current interviewers came to Fairview Branch for a 1 1/2 hour presentation on the how’s of interviewing. We video recorded it and I hope to have a copy soon at Fairview, if you would be able to watch it. It would also be good if you could swing by the NC Room, or get up with someone at Fairview library, to go over the couple forms we prepared for this project. I forwarded your information onto Fairview and you should be hearing from them. Thanks again for your interest. Zoe Rhine

  3. Hello. I lived in Fairview for 20 years in the 70’s and 80’s and will always consider it home. The mountain shown could be Tater Knob which would be on the left side of 74A as you enter Hickorynut Gap. To me Cedar Mountain doesn’t appear as steep as the one shown and the profile of Chestnut Mountain which would be to the right of Cedar Mountain doesn’t quite match the view as seen from current photos from 74A going into Fairview from Minehole Gap. Hope this helps. Thanks

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