Strange, But True…..

Cabin 7-10-32 headline.jpg

On July 10, 1932 that headline began an article in The Asheville Citizen-Times. What follows is the column in its entirety.

One of the new Adirondack cabins now being brought to Asheville and vicinity by the Consolidated Realty corporation ready to erect, has been opened at Lake Lure at the intersection of the state highway and Hillside Gardens drive and another will be erected on the roof of the Arcade building next week, it was announced yesterday by F. Roger Miller, sales manager. 

These cabins are shipped to Asheville “knocked down” by the Adirondack Cabin Company, New York City. The cabins are purchased by the Consolidated Realty Corporation and erected for purchasers on their own lot or grounds. The cabins have been cut from Canadian pine in proper lengths for erection of two to five-room structures, the materials being shipped here from Ontario, Canada. 

Officials of the company here said that it is the belief of the Adirondack Cabin company heads that the cabin materials can be supplied from their mills in Canada cheaper than they can be cut here, since the plants in Canada supply many sections of the country, principally the east, and therefore use the materials nearest the company plant. The cabin which was opened at Lake Lure July 4 has attracted considerable attention.

Mr. Miller said that materials for the cabin to be erected on the Arcade roof for advertising purposes have been received and are stored in the building. This cabin will be erected next week and opened to the public. The cabin company supplies the materials, erects the cabins and supplies the furniture for flat sums, it was announced. They are said to be very popular in the Adirondack Mountains, where the type of structure originated. The Lake Lure cabin is the first of this type of cabin architecture to be erected in Western North Carolina. The Lake Lure cabin and the one to be erected on the arcade roof will feature Western North Carolina mountain rustic furniture.

Unfortunately, no photograph has been found documenting that remarkable sight atop the Grove Arcade in July of 1932. With some artistic license I have taken care of that unfortunate oversight.

Strange But True copy.jpg
Cabin in the Sky, courtesy of Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor, Friends of the North Carolina Room board member



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