Katherine Calhoun Cutshall Receives Her Master’s Degree!

The North Carolina Room’s very own staff member katherine calhoun cutshall just completed her Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Asheville!

Which of course, called for a little celebration and fun.

If you haven’t met Katherine yet, you’ll love meeting her and talking with her. She has a wealth of knowledge and insight and is a great addition to our staff. She cares deeply about representing women, the middle class, and minorities and bringing their stories to our collection.


And she has great stories, often about her Daddy, Mother, Granddaddy (who calls his post hole digger his PhD), her little brothers, her great-aunt who was a bootlegger, and her great-uncle who drank too much and got struck by a car in West Asheville–and died. And that’s not even getting to her cousins.

And she knows how to laugh. Thank you Katherine for being worthy enough to wear Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown!

Post by NC Room librarian Zoe Rhine


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  1. Katherine,
    I read your article about the history of Bent Creek Ranch. I posted a comment after that article. You weny through the Castlebury’s. I was there from 1954 through 1959/60 when it was owned by the Dobbins family.

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