Strolling Through History (virtually)

One of the in-person programs NC Room staff were really excited about was our second annual series of “Strolling Through History” tours in downtown Asheville. They were planned to happen once a month from April until September, but alas, COVID-19 changed everything.

Fortunately, however, the NC Room was lucky enough to host two wonderful interns from the UNC Asheville History department who not only took on their initial task of researching and writing the tours, but now are in the process to make them digital so you can view them in the comfort and safety of your home.

Here’s the first tour – a look at the Battery Park section of town. More tours are on their way, and when they are all complete, we’ll create a landing page just for them.

If the module below will not load, use this link instead:

Battery Park Tour


    1. Thanks for letting us know. I think we fixed it. If you can’t view it, then check the link just above.

  1. Thanks. I well remember the neighborhood in the 1950s. I always thought it tragic what the City fathers allowed to happen to the Biltmore Hotel. A classic example of why Historic Preservation Districts are needed, and why applications should be required to alter historic buildings.

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