St. Dunstan's Circle: 52 Weeks, 52 Communities

Asheville’s real estate boom in the 1920’s fostered the growth of many neighborhoods: Lakeview Park, Malvern Hills, Horney Heights, and Kenilworth, just to name a few. Biltmore Avenue borders Kenilworth on the east and across the avenue, on a knoll overlooking Biltmore Village, is the pocket neighborhood of St. Dunstan’s Circle. A Mr. Roebling first … Continue reading St. Dunstan's Circle: 52 Weeks, 52 Communities

The Richard Hansley Photograph Collection

Can you identify the locations of these architectural details? They can be found adorning some of Asheville's best loved historic buildings. The buildings will be identified at the bottom of this post. We'll begin with some that should be easy to identify. All of these photos, plus THOUSANDS! and THOUSANDS! more were donated to the NC Collection by our … Continue reading The Richard Hansley Photograph Collection